Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Wall Sticker FAQ

We have some further information for you to help you decide if wall stickers and decals are for you and your walls.

Can the wall stickers / wall decals be re-applied?
Due to the size of our wall sticker decals they can not be repositioned. Some clients have moved small decals such as the butterflies and the custom names with ease. Though it would be a little tricky to move something as big as a Pirate Ship!

Are the giant wall decals in one piece?
No, due to the grand scale of our removable wall sticker decal designs items such as the my elephant wall sticker arrives in 2 panels and will slightly overlap. On pale coloured walls this overlapped section may appear darker in certain light.

If you have any questions regarding our wall stickers and wall decals please Contact Us and we will happily answer your question.

Head to our website to see all FAQ.

Happy Wall Sticker and Decal Decorating,

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