Sunday, September 20, 2009

Your complete Wall Sticker FAQ

We have answered more of your frequently asked questions. We hope we have covered all your questions on wall stickers and wall decals.

Do you customise wall stickers?
Yes, Please click on our custom button at the top of our website and we will get back to you with a quote. Please ensure you provide a lot of detail of what you are after to help us accurately provide a quote on your wall sticker design.

Do you ship your wall stickers Overseas ?
Yes, we do. On checkout after entering your full address, shipping costs will be calculated for you. If you are unsure please email us your location and the wakk stickers you are interested in purchasing and we will happily advise the cost of postage.

I have just placed my order how long till my order is shipped ?
We endeavor to ship your order as soon as possible as we understand you want to complete your rooms! Our maximum time frame is 9 business days, though most orders are shipped within a week of being ordered.

I love one of your designs though want extra parts, do you sell extra pieces as well?
Yes, we do. From time to time we understand that you may want for example an extra set of leaves for your Enchanted Tree Wall sticker design. If this is the case please email us and we can custom make extra pieces for you.

I am after a particular theme, can you help ?
Yes, we can customise a wall sticker decal for you. We also have a number of designs in the pipeline so please email us to ask you never know we might be just about to release a new design that suits your interest.

Head to our website to see all FAQ.

Happy Wall Sticker Decorating,

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