Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wall Sticker FAQ

Here at My Munchkin Home, home of removable wall stickers for Trendy Kids! We are always being asked all sorts of questions about what wall stickers and wall decals are and how they work. So we thought we would help answer these questions for you here.

What are wall stickers and wall decals? What are they made from?
Our wall stickers and wall decals are made from a very thin matt vinyl product. This gives the decal the look that it has been painted on and makes it harder for little fingers to remove. Decals are great due to looking like they are painted on as it would be costly to hire a painter.

Why use wall stickers and wall decals?
Kids love to have colour in their room and we all love that touch of something special on the wall. So rather than damaging the wall by hanging a picture and using hooks, use a wall sticker decal instead. Its a quick easy way to decorate your plain walls!

Will they stick to all wall surfaces?
Wall stickers and wall Decals require a smooth flat surface. They are best stuck to plaster walls, glass windows, tiles etc. Wall Decals will not adhere to brick walls or rough wall surfaces. You can adhere the wall stickers to glass such as windows and to mirrors as well.

I have just painted my walls, how long till I can adhere my wall sticker decals?
It is recommended to wait at least 3 weeks after freshly painting walls before you adhere your wall stickers. This is due to the way paint drys on your walls. However, this is only a general guide as all paint contains different additives.

When its time for a change how do I remove my wall stickers and wall decals?
To remove your wall sticker / wall decal simply lift one edge of the wall sticker and remove on a 45 degree angle. Slowly peel downwards and the wall sticker will lift off the wall with ease.

We will add more Frequently Asked Questions to keep you informed. If you have any questions please contact us and we will get straight back to you.

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Happy Wall Sticker Decorating,

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