Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wall Stickers to Create a Magical Baby Nursery

At My Munchkin Home trendy removable wall art stickers for kids we love to see the bedrooms and playrooms that our customers have created using our products. Our customers have so much fun using our products and its shown in the end result with their completed room designs.

Customers love using our wall stickers as they are so easy to apply and when they are ready for a change its so simple to remove. This is also another reason why removable wall decals are great for people renting as they can still create a magical nursery and bedroom for their little munchkin to enjoy.

All My Munchkin Home wall decals are supplied with full instructions, though if you ever get stuck you can always contact us as we are more than happy to provide advice to ensure you have the best looking walls with the ultimate WOW factor in your home.

We wanted to show you some of the rooms that our customers have created to inspire you to decorate you little munchkin’s nursery, bedroom and playroom. Okay and lets it a number of Enchanted Tree's have been setup in lounge rooms as well !

Firstly Rachel has used our Magic Tree House wall decal design in Brown and Magenta to create here baby girls nursery. The room has the real wow factor. Here’s what Rachel had to say: “Just wanted to say that I love love LOVE my tree! It looks just lovely in my baby's room, I get so many comments on it. I've attached a photo. When my relatives came to visit me from UK, they all wanted a picture of them with the baby in front of the tree. I've recommended you to everyone!
Many thanks,

We also wanted to show you baby Charlie’s new nursery. This nursery is gorgeous as well. We just love seeing all the nursery photos. Charlie’s mum has used our Enchanted Tree design along with the Twhoot Twhoot Owls which give the room the extra touch. Here’s what Abby had to say “I am very very happy with Charlie’s room. It looked a little boring before but now it's complete. I would be delighted for you to show the photos on your blog. Thanks again! Abby”

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If you have any questions please contact us and we will be in touch to assist in your removable wall sticker decal for kids room enquiry. We are always happy to help with your decision making as we know with so many great designs it’s hard to decide!

Happy Removable Wall Art Stickers Decals Decorating,
Amanda and the Team
My Munchkin Home

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