Monday, March 8, 2010

New Wall Stickers Design for 2010

Here at My Munchkin Home trendy removable wall art stickers for kids we are releasing new the latest designs for 2010.

The first of our trendy new designs in our Skull & Crossbones wall art decal. This new wall sticker is for the little pirates out there that need to have their emblem in the room! This is a great wow factor wall sticker. We also understand that not everyone has huge wall spaces left once kids bedrooms have been furnished and that some prefer to have a little splash of colour whereas others love big bold colours with large designs. Therefore we have customised the Skull & Crossbones to be available in 3 sizes. This is a great way to ensure your wall space has the exact amount of impact for your room size.

Small – 49cm wide x 33cm high $39.95
Medium – 85cm wide x 57cm high $69.95
Large – 138cm wide x 93cm high $129.95

Our Skull & Crossbones image showcases the medium size in white on a dark blue wall which makes the design jump off the wall with that real WOW factor. Also shown in the image is the Plan Toy Pirate Ship which is a great toy for little people to create adventures on the high seas. Head to Yogee Australia's favourite Online Toy Store for yours.

These new removable wall art stickers are available in our full colour range. Head to our website and get your little pirates room ready to go treasure hunting today!

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If you have any questions please contact us and we will be in touch to assist in your removable wall sticker decal for kids room enquiry. We are always happy to help with your decision making as we know with so many great designs it’s hard to decide!

Happy Removable Wall Art Stickers Decals Decorating,
Amanda and the Team
My Munchkin Home

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