Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Wall Stickers Sizes Available

At My Munchkin Home we love to give our customers options with our designs so that each design can be perfect for your boring wall space that you want to bring to life. Removable wall art stickers are a great way to create interest in your child’s bedroom, playroom and nursery. Children love to look at bright colourful items and what better way than with a wall decal in their bedroom.

We are doing this already by a full colour range on a number of designs and now we are going to start offering different sizes on a few of our designs.

The popular Birdhouse Branch design is now available in 2 sizes. It is available in the standard size and a larger size. Now you can make this wall sticker design a full feature in your rooms or use it has an extra hint with the standard size.

Standard - $49.95 Branch size 45cm long
Large - $74.95 Branch size 75cm long.

All other details in the design are to scale. The Standard size has not changed. The Large size will therefore have larger birdhouses, birds etc. Or if you are after a specific size please contact us.

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Contact Us if you have any questions please and we will be in touch to assist in your removable wall sticker decal for kids room enquiry. We are always happy to help with your decision making as we know with so many great designs it’s hard to decide!

Happy Removable Wall Art Stickers Decals Decorating,
Amanda and the Team
My Munchkin Home

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