Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Get Inspired With Removable Wall Stickers !

At My Munchkin Home we love to see our wall art stickers in our customers’ homes. We also love hearing the stories of how the children are so overwhelmed when they first walk in and see their new room decoration. Wall art stickers and decals for kids rooms are a great way to add the WOW factor to your child’s bedroom with ease. And most of all it can be completed quickly unlike attempting to paint and then of course being able to paint a design correctly. So enter My Munchkin Home to assist in decorating your baby nursery, kid’s room, play room, lounge room or office space!

I know it can be a little tricky when you are having a baby as there is so many things to think of and we all want a perfect nursery. So I wanted to share some of customer’s rooms with you to help inspire you to decorate your kids rooms with removable wall art stickers and removable wall decals.

First Jodi has sent in a photo of her daughter’s room. Jodi decorated with the Enchanted Tree wall decal and the Tweetie Bird wall art stickers.

Here's a little of what Jodie had to say "Hi Amanda, just finished Lily's bedroom (she's 7) & I just love it. Lily is still at school so when she gets home I hope she gets a big surprise & loves it as much as I do. What a difference it makes to her room, it really livens it up. My other daughter, Imogen (3yrs) just told me I did a great job of painting the new picture in Lily's room. LOL!!!

Thanks again, & I'll be back!


We love the feel of the room that has been created with the removable wall art stickers and decals giving the room a very special element which ties in the bedrooms pretty pieces that Jodie has chosen.

Next we have the a room decorated for a little man with our Rocket Ship wall decals. This room has some serious WOW factor to it now. I am sure Tamsins little baby boy will be over the moon (pardon the pun) as he grows to have his own Rocket Ship.

Here's what Tamsin had to say "Thank you so much for your prompt delivery. Our rocket ship is up already!"
Thank you so much for your prompt delivery. Our rocket ship is up already!

If you have taken photos of your nursery or kids bedroom using our removable wall stickers decals we would love to see your rooms so please send them through to info@mymunchkinhome.com.au we will even be running a competition soon for customer’s rooms.

If you have any questions please contact us and we will be in touch to assist in your removable wall sticker decal for kids room enquiry. We are always happy to help with your decision making as we know with so many great designs it’s hard to decide!

Happy Removable Wall Art Stickers Decals Decorating,
Amanda and the Team
My Munchkin Home

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