Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Wall Stickers Decals Colours NOW Available on line

Here at My Munchkin Home wall stickers for kids we have expanded the colour range to assist you the customer in being able to design your wall space in the colours you desire. Across our wall stickers and wall decals range we proudly now have the hot new colours Lavender, Turquoise and Light brown/Coffee colours.

These are highly fashionable colours and suit a number of our wall stickers designs. Lavender is a gorgeous colour for all little girls rooms whether you are using Fairy Princess wall stickers or a set of our My Butterflies wall decals for your little girls room. Either of these designs will look fabulous in the new colours.

We now have Turquoise as a great new wall stickers option as this colour suits everyone and every room across the board. This is also a perfect alternative to the wall decals that are currently available in Mint.

The coffee colour is great for Enchanted Tree or Magic Tree House wall stickers decals trunks and for wall quotes decals around the home. Also dont forget our Lollypop Tree wall stickers design which is a great wall decals for a boys bedroom, girls bedroom or for any room and wall space in the house !

Please note that we may not have all colour swatches available under each individual wall stickers designs so please see the decals drop down box to see if your desired walls sticker for boys and girls is available.

If you are stuck please contact us and we will send you a sample. Or if we can answer any of your wall stickers for kids decals please let us know we are happy to help.

Happy Wall Stickers Decal Decorating,
My Munchkin Home
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