Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dots Dots and more dots in wall stickers for kids

Wall stickers for kids rooms are an easy cost effective way to change the look of your child’s room space and enliven their bedroom and playroom. Its can often be tricky to decide on what will suit your kids room and of course your child’s taste in decor. Let alone if you are pregnant and have had the willpower to not be told the gender of your baby !

So here at My Munchkin Home of trendy wall stickers for kids rooms we have released our "lots of dots decals" This new design will help you decorate your kids rooms without having to worry about setting a particular theme in the bedroom.

The "lots of dots decal" wall stickers range are available in our full colour range. Now you simply need to decide which 3 colour stickers will suit for your wall decor. In the wall sticker pack you will receive a whooping 63 wall stickers ! Plenty of stickers to stick on your walls and windows ! The dots are in a range of sizes ranging from a big 20cm all the way down to 2.5cm. The different size removeable dots allow you to either use the wall decals alone or layer them on each other to add dimension and to completely customise your removable all decor.

If you really cannot decide which colour removable wall stickers please email us and we will help you with colour choices as we know how you want to get it right and love your room spaces.

Happy removable wall sticker decorating,

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