Monday, September 28, 2009

Customise your Wall Sticker for your decor!

Here at My Munchkin Home we strive to show you great ways to enliven your boring white walls and inspire your childrens rooms with colour with our removable wall stickers.

Our website shows colour swatches to help you select the colour best suited to your room and style. We just wanted to point out that just because we have shown for example our Enchanted Tree wall sticker decal design with a black trunk and branch with light blue leaves doesnt mean this is the only option.

So be creative and choose the entire Enchanted Tree removable wall decal design in one colour to really give your room zip !

As you can see both looks are a fantastic way to bring your nursery, kids rooms or playroom or even your lounge room like Kate from Three Little Trees clothing has as it as it didnt make it into her kids rooms! And Kate isnt the only one who has the Enchanted Tree in her living room! So go on great creative with removable wall stickers in your homes decor!

Happy Removable Wall Sticker Decal Decorating,

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