Sunday, September 27, 2009

Christmas Wall Stickers Coming soon

Well here we go again... Christmas is yet again approaching faster than we can believe!

Here at My Munchkin Home trendy removable wall stickers and decals for kids we will soon be releasing our Christmas removable Wall Sticker Designs to add a bit of zing to boring white walls during the holiday season. And what better way than to use a mess free wall sticker decal!

We all have such busy lives these days so rummaging through the garage and taking hours to set the tree and tinsel up is time consuming and messy! Using wall stickers to decorate your home or office in is simple and effective. And when the holiday season is over simply remove your wall sticker and replace it with a wall sticker decal that you will want to look at all year round.

In preparation for Christmas if you have a favourite christmas saying that you would like to have custom made please contact us and we will help you create your ultimate wall sticker perfect for your home this season.

Be sure to add your email address to our newsletter to be updated with the latest original removable wall sticker designs as they are released.

Happy Wall Sticker Decal Decorating,

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